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About Me

I have been approaching my photography more seriously over the past decade, but really have been taking 'snaps' of family and holidays all my life. I  love  the diversity and colour of street photography and capturing creative fine art shots that depict the essence of different countries I visit in different ways. I feel inspired by the creativity that is in abundance on Waiheke Island and  I have contributed to some local exhibitions. Marti Friedlander inspires me with her photos of the 'everyday' and I had the good fortune to meet with Marti personally and take part in a workshop we organised with her on the island. Various island photographers have supported me in my photographic journey : Phillipa Karn, Emma Hughes, Blair Quax, Peter Rees and more recently, Thomas Rees, who has really stretched me to publish my work and supported me building Lightroom development skills. I love the awe and wonder of nature and capturing the patterns of nature as well as the sorrow of what is happening to our environment. Documenting daily life on Waiheke, particularly at Piritahi Marae, is always an honour.

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